Nov. 9 – 30 Days of Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for relationships. Not friendships, that will be a post for another date. Rather relationships that as a Pastor I have had the chance to watch grow and change over the years.

Today I will stand with a bride and groom. The bride I’ve known all her life. I have watched her attend preschool, VBS, camps (both children and youth) as well as observed via social media her college and dating years. Long lasting tenures in the ministry of a local church provides these relationships.

I’m often humbled to know that The Lord is using me and continues to use me in the life journeys of so many families. There are the celebrations of graduations, weddings and the birth of children. Then of course with the celebrations come the difficult days of death coupled with the celebration of a homecoming.

So as I stand before this bride and her family today a journey will continue and a relationship will hit another milestone. While this may be the up-teenth time to stand with a family, it is not just routine. It is a very thankful moment.

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