Nov. 7 – 30 Days of Thanksgving

20131107-171921.jpgToday I am thankful for the seasons. Not the seasons of life as much as the literal change in the seasons.  I tolerate the seasons of life.   Each season provides a different challenge, excitement, for me and our family.

Like most families late summer to early spring means school days and routines. Try getting a 5yr old and a teenager ready for school, better yet doing 2+2 while also doing 2x(y+3z)=m is CRAZY!

20131107-171451.jpgOnce school is over it is time for a busy summer.  Mission teams and trips, IMPACT, GA and Special Friends Camp. Mary is off in the summers and I am busy – then it is vica versa during the school year.  It sometimes feels as if we don’t get any time at all to “be a family”. But yet I am still very thankful for the seasons and busyness of life.

While I may take for granted the time with kids, I try my best to “take in the moment” or “enjoy the time.” As I have observed with Grant – time does fly. In 3yrs he will be out of the house and on to college, Sara in high school, and Allan still in elementary school. The seasons means that life is 20131107-171831.jpgprogressing and the kids are growing up. I often tell Allan that he needs to “quit growing up!” His response…”Dad I can’t stop that it just happens.”

So I’m thankful for the change of seasons and yes I’m thankful for the seasons of life – but I’m not sure that I want to like them. The kids are a blessing and our busy work and ministry schedule are as well – therefore I am very thankful for the seasons.

20131107-171816.jpg1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NAS) in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

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