Nov. 6 – 30 Days of Thanksgiving

Happy Birthday Mom! 20yrs, February 1993, ago Mom died and some days it feels like just yesterday, then other days it seems like forever. While I don’t understand all the reasons of life and death, I do know the sustainer of all things.  I am very thankful for family and Godly parents. Mom and Dad gave us everything we needed and as they could we got what we wanted.

179333_1721295266406_1059044767_1867479_1782411_n-1Sure I remember the countless trips to the mountains, the one trip to Disney and the house fire of 1980. While all of those memories will forever be etched in my mind, it is the simple things I miss.  I miss being able to call and say “Happy Birthday,” “Merry Christmas,” and “Happy Mother’s Day”.  I miss the trips to K-Mart and the times eating at Po’ Folks.

While those are the things of the past I struggle with the things of today. I so wish that Mom and Dad could have held and loved on all 10 of their grandchildren (Robin has 7! I have 3). I would have loved to share my experiences at Union Avenue with them more, Mom only visited the church once. I would have enjoyed her embrace at all of my graduations and seeing her smile on my wedding day. While I think there would have been tough moments in their relationship I sure that Mom and Mary would have had some good days together.

It continues to be difficult during this time of year. With thanksgiving and christmas being such big family gathering days it is difficult not having Mom and Dad around. Sure people are right when they say “time heals” but it does not make it easier. I miss Mom’s mac and cheese and Dad’s pies – oh to be able to make his pies! I miss chocolate biscuits and conversations at the table. I miss the hunt for the perfect christmas tree and the excitement of christmas morning. But in it all I’m still thankful.

So on this her birthday I am thankful. I am thankful for parents that chose to raise me to love and serve the Lord. I am thankful for parents that when I needed to be grounded – they would ground me from everything but church. I am thankful that I can pass along to my wife and children the same traditions that we had during the holidays. I am thankful for Mom and Dad!

Happy Birthday Mom, I Love you!

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