Nov. 5 – 30 Days of Thanksgiving

Today I am thankful for the ministry I am able to be a part of and the students that attend.  Over the years I have seen hundreds of students come through the halls of Union Avenue Baptist Church.  It is amazing to me to know that God is using me to shape them and more importantly them to shape me.

church-logoI have spent today like I do most Tuesdays…planing for the upcoming Wednesday night worship series. Today I have found myself planning and thinking about 2014 and the spring months. What do students today need to know?  What does the urban city teen/young adult need to know about their creator? While the students that attend today have their own set of challenges, they really are no different than the students that attended 20yrs ago. Most if not all of the students are looking to be “rescued.” They want to be out of today’s circumstance and into tomorrow’s “better”.

So I am thankful that I am apart of this “rescuing” journey with the students of Mid-Town Memphis.  While I may not be able to understand their circumstance fully, and can appreciate their struggle. They are looking for the same answers that are have sought.

Pray for the students of UABC as well as the team that the Lord has put together to lead them.

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