Dec. 23 – A Christmas Tune…

Dec. 23, 2011

 Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers (right-click on the file for download)

Well the count down has begun!  Just two more sleeps till Christmas!  Today family past is the reflection.

I recall so many Christmas mornings with Mom, Dad and Robin on Westcrest Dr. in Nashville!  Over the past couple of months you have read my reflections on the family and our odd, but great traditions.

One of the things that ushered in our Christmas morning was Robin and I coming down the steps into our basement to the brightest video camera light ever created!!!!  Dad would stand at the bottom of the steps with this old 8mm video camera with a bulb on it that would light up the “Washington Moment”.  Mom would stand behind him and say smile, step, smile, step, smile, step…See it was a silent video that was recored so Mom coached us down the steps so that we would not fall.  It was like we were her little wooden toy soldiers.

Once we arrived un-harmed at the bottom of the steps the morning would begin.  To the left of the TV would be a pile of presents wrapped in green paper, those were mine.  Then to the right of the TV would be presents wrapped in red paper, those for Robin.  Then each year there would be one present wrapped in half green and half red!  That we were to share!

Mom and Dad, like most parents, would do all they could to make sure that we got what we needed as well as got what we wanted.  I struggle sometimes to recall exactly what they got each other.  I remember the coats, dresses, kitchen stuff and other items, but everything seemed to focus around my sister and I.  For us Christmas was more than a tradition it was family, anticipated, and full of the best childhood memories I have!

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