Dec. 22 – A Christmas Tune…

Dec. 22, 2011

 Christmas Canon (right-click on the file for download)

So why the Trans-Siberian Orchestra?  Well during the Christmas season of 2010 Mary and I took the kids to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Christmas concert at the Fedex Forum.

As Sara put it…”Dad this is AWESOME!”  While Allan had just turned 3 at the time his response was…”It is loud! Look at the lights!”  Grant well let’s just say that for a pre-teen his response was…”Cool” (with no emotion).

I was impressed and/or intrigued with how these guys took well known Christmas tunes and hymns then added a “Rock” flare to them.  Of course their most well-noted one is “Wizards in Winterland” Sara and Grant both love rockin out to that one in the car with it very loud.

But for the post I choose Christmas Canon (from The Christmas Attic).  On December 16, 1995 I said “I Do” to the love of my life!  We had this Canon played at our wedding.  Now of course not TSO’s version (Mary did let me wear a Mickey Mouse bow tie and cumber bun), we had the traditional version played on our church organ.  However, each time I hear this song I can help but recall that wonderful day and service.  I love you Mary!

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