Dec. 18 – A Christmas Tune…

Dec. 18, 2011

 Memoirs: A Trilogy: The Voice/Good King Wenceslaus/Hark the Herald … (right-click on the file for download)

“Glory to God, for Christ our Lord is Born!!!!”

Think about the Christmas story as recorded in the Gospels, it should be easy because it is that time of year.  Ok now that it is in your mind think about all the people that were involved.  So you got your list.  Go ahead check it twice, did you leave anyone off?  I am sure you did, check one more time.

Ready for me to tell you who you left off.  The Innkeeper.  That’s right the Innkeeper.  The person that played that important role was never really mentioned in the Bible, nor do we even have a name for the individual.  But think about the role.  This was the person that set the stage for the fulfillment of prophesy.  This person was the one that said…”There is no room in the inn.”  This role and quote has been acted out in countless numbers of nativity pageants over the years.  Children are chosen to play Mary, Joseph, the wise men, the kings and yes the InnKeeper!

Did the innkeeper ever know the role that was being fulfilled? I am really not sure. My thought…no.  If I was the innkeeper and knew that a man and women would traveling my way and they were about to give birth to the “MESSIAH” I would have made sure that the “MESSIAH SUITE” was ready, not a trough!

See the beauty of the Christmas season is that we know that the MESSIAH did come, however what are we doing to be prepared.  Are we getting the suite ready or will we point them to the back porch and the trough?

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