Dec. 13 – A Christmas Tune…

Dec. 13, 2011

 I’ll Be Brave This Christmas (right-click on the file for download)

“Freedom isn’t free, there’s a price to pay when duty calls. It takes sacrifice from us all
So I’ll be brave this Christmas, While you’re still far away. And I’ll kneel beside my bed each night.  Praying Jesus keeps you safe
‘Cause we’re all so proud of you and I hope you come home soon.  But until you do, I’ll be brave this Christmas”

I have never really dealt directly with a love one that has been deployed for military service, however I have witnessed numerous friends and church families over the years pray for immediate family members that are away for a tour of duty.

I very seldom will speak words of displeasure and/or support for any politician…but with that being said I am sure that there are many families that are rejoicing this Christmas season that their love ones will be home after been a part of our country’s chosen wars of the past few years.

Our prayer indeed should be with those that continue to find themselves in the middle of battle.  But this Christmas season we should all rejoice and welcome home our soldiers with a large “THANK YOU!”

We often ask in our prayers for “God to bless America” how about this Christmas we as believing Americans step it up a notch and take time to thank God for His Blessings, Grace and Love!

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