Dec. 9 – A Christmas Tune…

Dec. 9, 2011

 First Snowfall (right-click on the file for download)

As I am writing this today Memphis is in the midst of it’s second snow fall of the season!  That is crazy!  To think that we have had two snow falls and it is not even Christmas yet!  It could be a long winter!

What is it about a snow fall that is so relaxing?  Why do we, as soon as see it, want to go and play?  Think about all of the great memories you have as a child and the snow falls that you experienced?

Living in Nashville we tended to have snow in January, however I do recall one Christmas that could have been classified as a “White Christmas”.  Christmas day 1992 I remember going to visit my Uncle and Aunt (Dad’s brother) and witnessing for just a brief period “snow flurries”.  Now you may say…”snow flurries” that really is not a snow! Well for us and our family it was, that was the last Christmas we had with Mom.  For Mom whether it was 6 inches or flurries the call would go out…”IT IS SNOWING!”  I am not really sure what it was about the snow that excited Mom, but it did.

At that moment it really did not seem as much.  But now on this side of things maybe I should I have spent just a bit more time in Mom’s joy of the snow that Christmas morning!

So today enjoy the instrumental song “First Snow” from Michael W. Smith.   This cut is off his first Christmas album and my opinion is…it is one of his best!

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