7 Billion…

Click here for the lesson outline Week 3 – Does God Love Me When There Are Billions to Love

Well congratulations to the WORLD!!  We did it!  Sometime between Halloween and the end of the year all indicators are pointing to the truth that we as a world will reach 7 BILLION people!!!

What does that mean for you and I?  Does that mean that we have to make more room for more people?  Do we have to seek out more space for our stuff and/or the stuff of others? How will people even know that I exist?  Better yet we read about a God that created each of us and that Loves each of us.  How is that possible with 7 Billion people?  How can he love me…I am but just a vapor, a speck of dust, I am nothing!

That, in some way, is how one particular women in the Bible must have felt.  There is an encounter between Christ and a women in the Bible; we don’t even know her name.  The Bible tells us she’s been bleeding uncontrollably for twelve years.  It’s really one of those miracles that’s not all that impressive when it’s compared to the miracle before it and the miracle that’s after it.  The miracle that’s before it, Jesus encounters this crazy man, this madman that’s possessed by a demon.  Jesus casts this demon out of the man, and the demons go into these pigs, and the pigs run and jump over a cliff, and I’ve told you before my corny joke that’s where we get deviled ham from.  Then Jesus gets off the boat, and He’s walking with the crowd and, He heals this woman we’re going to talk about, and then He goes and raises somebody from the dead.  You’ve got the raising from the dead and the pig-man thing going on earlier, and in between, this lady goes up and just touches the coat of Jesus.

But why this miracle? Why this woman? Why this story? The truth I want you to leave with tonight is it doesn’t matter if you’ve got money in your pocket.  It doesn’t matter what kind of background you come from.  The truth about God is that anyone can approach God.  It doesn’t matter who you’re family is; it doesn’t matter if you were born into a church.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past to distance yourself from God.  Every one of us in here can approach God.

We can approach God because of the gift of the baby…the Christ child Jesus!

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