Day 17 – 30 Days of Thanksgiving…

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Solomon’s proverbs: A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son, heartache to his mother. ~Proverbs 10:1

Well we have one week until…TURKEY DAY!  Time with the family, toys all over the house, and of course a couple of air mattresses.  That is THANKSGIVING!

Think of all of those that will be with you that day.  Pick just a few of them, now what do they mean to you?  What about them makes the holiday fun?  Enjoy the day and your time with them.  Make sure you laugh, play and simply enjoy the time!

11/17 – What I Like About You… Today, take a few minutes and make a list of the things you like about your immediate family members. Share your list with your family sometime during the day – and thank them for those things!

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One Response to Day 17 – 30 Days of Thanksgiving…

  1. Nancy Gann says:

    I’ve enjoyed all the blogs about gratitude so far this month. Thanks. Nancy Gann

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