Miracles lead you to a…

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In John ch. 5 we read about a guy lying around 38yrs waiting for a “Miracle.” Can you image staying in one place for 38yrs and simply waiting your turn (vs. 5)!  That is what the guy did.  The Bible tells us that he sat by the Pool of Bethesda simply waiting for someone to place him in the “healing” waters!  This guy was among “friends” well I say “friends” you would think that after 38yrs he knew a few of the people around the pool, but yet no one would help him! See not only was he there to be healed so where others that were “blind, lame and even paralyzed” (vs. 3).

Along came Jesus and He had one simple question…”Do you want to get well” (vs. 6).  Come on you gotta think the guy was “no not really I have enjoy waiting here for 38yrs, really what is a few more days!”  Ok so that is not what was said, rather he said “I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred.  While I am trying to get in, someone else goes ahead of me.” (vs. 7)  Then Jesus simply said “Then pick-up your mat and walk!” Enough said end of story…or is it?

How many times have you been looking for a Miracle and to no avail one never materialized?  There was no one around to help you or to give you focus, much less an answer!  Let me encourage you to look no further, Christ is there to provide you a Miracle.  The Miracle is called grace, forgiveness, bottom-line…His life.  See towards the end of this story the guy was asked “Who provided the healing for you?” (vs. 12)  He was honest, he really did not know!  That happens all the time…God provides Miracles for us and really don’t see them or recognize them.  He is caring for us, as His children, all the time!  But the story did have an ending of understanding!  In verse 15 we can read that “the man went away and told the Jews that is was Jesus who had made him well, It was the Christ!”

Jesus is waiting to make you well…will you be willing to accept His help by accepting Him?  The Bible wasn’t written to tell stories about miracles, it was written so that the stories and the miracles would lead you to a CHANGED LIFE.

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