You Got To Be Kidding…

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What is your answer to the following…”Have you ever been part of a MIRACLE?  If so what type of MIRACLE?  How would you define the single word, MIRACLE?

Miracle – When God created the earth, he defined consistent laws which determine the way things work. Gravity is a perfect example of one of these laws. Science is nothing more than studying some aspect of creation for the purpose of trying to figure out how it works. A miracle is nothing less than God setting aside the rules for the purpose of revealing himself to his creation. (Romans 9:17, John 10:25). Bottom line  a miracle is an extraordinary event of God intervening, coming to us.  God uses miracles to reveal Himself to us.

When we spend time with God we should expect something miraculous?  That’s why I say each Wednesday night, if you don’t want to be here during the teaching time, split.  But for those of you who come, do you expect for God to do some type of miracle in your life?  Know this He wants to change us.  God wants to change me, right now, even as I’m writing.  He wants to change me.  He wants a miracle to happen in my life.

As we approach this topic over the next few weeks we will see that God exhibited and performed MIRACLES over nature, bodies, and death.  In regard to Christ, MIRACLES verify that Jesus was God’s Son. MIRACLES are and continue to be a sign of His compassion. Then lastly we will see that during Christ’s ministry on earth MIRACLES lead people to eternal life.

You may say “that is all well and good, but do MIRACLES still happen today?”  Know this nothing is either too big or too small for God, go ahead I dare you ask God for a MIRACLE in your life.  Only you can do it…but it means spending time with Him!

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