It is time to help…

Click here for the Bible Study – Meeting the needs of others – Week 4

Really I need to help others?  I don’t want to because…“What if I have to do things I don’t like to do?”  What if it’s a crummy job? “It’ll take too much of my time!”  “I have too much sin in my life.  If you knew about my past, there’s no way God could use me.”  “I’m not talented enough to help others.  I’m not an outgoing person.  I’m not a speaker.”  “I’m not cool enough to help others.”

Enough with the excuses! We really have no reason not to help others or spend a portion of our life in service.  We can all meet the needs of others very quickly.  How? Just say “Hi” to somebody.  Just by watching somebody who’s sitting by himself or herself and asking, “Can I sit with you?”  Watch at school tomorrow.  Just look around.  I’ll guarantee you’ll see people sitting totally by themselves.  How do you meet needs with love?  “Would you like to join us?  …  Can I sit here?”

It’s risky, I know!  Remember God can use even you to reach out to others! People think that meeting needs with love means you have to do something totally visible and call attention to yourself.  The truth is you don’t have to be in the spotlight to meet needs.  As a matter of fact, most people in the spotlight don’t meet needs.  Most needs are met behind the scenes.  I’m not trying to guilt you into serving.  I’m trying to teach you what the Bible says about how to live it up.  How to focus on the keys to right living – LIVING WITH GOD!

Imagine this if you could hear the direct audible voice of God would He say something like this you… “why are you trying to earn your way into My heart?  You’re already there.  You’re not obligated to do anything.  You do so much for Me, but you don’t do anything with Me.  When you’re by My side, you see people the way I see them.  You’ll see them like they’re part of yourself, like you’re hungry.  Like you’re alone.  Like you’re the victim.  You’ll see them as if they’re an extension of yourself.  As if they’re an extension of Me.”

Think of it this way – you will never be happier than when you serve and meet needs with love!

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