How do you approach…

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You can see the lip of the bowl…there it is your first time to drop in.  In your mind you are wondering will I succeed or will it hurt!  You put trust in your ability and trust in the wheels on the underside of the board, but there is still doubt!

Maybe you are about to take that “test”, you know; the test that determines everything about your future…the one that will set your course for the next 4yrs.  You put your trust in all of your studies, your hard work, even your failures because you know that without them you would not be sitting here.

When it comes to your long-term life and eternal where do you place your trust?  Where is your focus?  Have you every thought about trusting God with your life?  If you have or when
you do…get ready! God has been waiting since the beginning of Creation to invade your life (1 Peter 1:13)!  God wants nothing more for your life than for you to accept and receive the gift of His Son!

So here you are again, you find yourself realizing that a decision has to be made and if I do accept then what?  What will happen?  Will I change? Will I be the same?  We know this…we cannot be lazy!  Not only does our life now belong to God but our emotions and excitement for Him should be contagious!  We strive, at least for the short term, not to be like we used to be!  We want to be better (1 Peter 1:14)!  We want to obey (1 Peter 1:15)!  Then because of that desire to be better and the because of the willingness to obey we find ourselves full of energy, and on fire (1 Peter 1:15)!

Then “God Said ‘I am Holy; you be holy.’” (1 Peter 1:16).  Holy?  What is that?  Is that a key to life, oh wait is that a key to a spiritual life?  How can Peter be giving these instructions when even he lacked faith?  Living for God, and being Holy before others…really? That is next to impossible right?

Impossible maybe, obtainable yes! Since there is an approach to successful drop in on a bowl at a skatepark, and there is an approach to test preparation, is there one for my spiritual life?  Yes there is!

  • The way I think will be the way I act (Mark 2:8)
  • Truly love Christ with every aspect of your life (John 14:21).
  • The result in loving Christ will be OBEDIENCE, FELLWOSHIP, AND HAPPINESS (Romans 12:2)!
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