And the Answer is…

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If I were to say to you, “Guess what!  I have the answer to life!  I have the answer that will help you feel more fulfilled, more loved, that will guarantee guidance and direction,” wouldn’t you want that answer?  Of course you would.  Who wouldn’t?  The truth is, none of us wake up in the morning and go, “I just really want my life to be horrible today!”  None of us do that.  All of us want to have a great life.

That’s what we’re going to be talking about the next five weeks.  Today we kick it off with learning about our significance and our ability to change someone’s world.  I’d like to suggest to you the first key to living life to its fullest, to living it up, is by reaching out to others.

Some of you may wonder, “Why in the world would I care about that?  I kind of like it when it’s all about me.”  I would say to you, you would care about reaching out to others for the same reason you and I love it when someone reaches out to us.  It feels great.  Think about the last time you were lonely on a Friday or Saturday night, and one of your friends calls you and says, “I’m bored!” Do you want to come over and watch a movie or play video games?”  You are like…”Well I have nothing better to do.  Sure I am on the way.”

That is what I believe that the Bible teaches, that reaching out to each other is important.  It feels great.  I’ve got to tell you about somebody in my life I’d call one of my heroes, who does this extremely well.  How many of you have a hero – somebody you look up to, respect, admire?  My hero is a guy named Doug.  Doug is certainly not my hero because of the way he looks or because of his haircut (matter of fact he is bald).  Doug is a dentist in the Nashville area and has a passion for the children and adults of Ecuador.  Each year for the past 5yrs, Doug sends a team of Dentist and Physicians to the region for the purpose of providing temporary medical care and sharing eternal hope by presenting the Gospel of Christ.

Doug realized that with his training and knowledge he had the ability to help someone by changing their world.  I (all of us) should have the same drive to want help others change their world by being willing to share God’s Grace and message.

See that is what God desires.  He wants to do the same with you.  Maybe some of you are wondering, “Why?  Why would God want to use little ol’ me to change my world?”  I often think the same thing.  I want to share with you some foundational truths that God wants you to know and remember for the rest of your life.  You’ve just got to know these.  These are just part of living.  They are the keys to a life well lived.

  • God absolutely thinks you are AWESOME!
  • God absolutely wants you to live the best way he intended you too
  • God absolutely desires for you to accept His love and forgiveness
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