Football Time In…

All over the country this weekend the rally cry for the pigskin is prevailing!  Men are sitting with chips, salsa, chicken wings, and drinks in hand.  Women are rolling their eyes just simply asking “Is is over yet?”

Not only has college football started, but the Friday night lights have come on at local high schools everywhere.  Whether you are a Crusader, Bobcat, Warrior, Spartan or whatever your mascot may be, one thing is for sure there is a crowd, excitement, cheering, laughter, and fun!  People have gathered for one common cause…to claim victory over the opposing opponent.  

This past Friday evening the students of UABC and the graduate students from the BCM at the UT Health Science Center were not far from a game themselves.  They gathered at the Central/East high school football game in Mid-Town Memphis for the purpose of sharing Christ and inviting people to church.  After handing out 200+ hamburgers, 100+ hotdogs, and 250+ bottles of water, one thing was clear…we had come together for one cause as well.  We were focused, each in our own unique way, in sharing the love of Christ and inviting people to church!

So how can the concept and excitement around football be carried over into our Sunday morning Worship?  Think about…what if we really did gather to cheer on the victor that did indeed conquer the opposing opponent?  What would Worship be like?  My thought is we would find ourselves being “Sold Out” rather than being a fair weather fan.

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